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Marc Haggerty performs at the Panic Room in Indianapolis, December 2007. Photo by Gabrielle Price.Marc Haggerty music

Welcome to Marc Haggerty's music website. Marc's music is kick-ass blue folk rock and is good for dancing.

Mark your calendar for April 29 show at Buskirk Chumley

Marc is promoting a show for April 29, 2015, at the Buskirk Chumley theater in Bloomington. Keep your ears tuned for updates to come. The event will feature music and theatrical performances by Bob Lucas, Travis Puntarelli, Marc Haggerty and others.

Tasty tunes and tales for your event or venue

Marc Haggerty is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, storyteller and aerialist based in Bloomington, Ind. His original music and stories form the basis of an hourlong solo show that features songs and tales from his multifarious activities over an adventurous life that has included:

  • A stint as a flying trapeze artist with Ringling Bros. and other circuses.
  • A career as an electrician and general tradesman.
  • Serving his country as a combat soldier (U.S. Marines) in the Vietnam War.
  • Decades of community activism dedicated to improving the conditions of jail inmates.
  • A lifelong focus on rock guitar, singing and storytelling.

Soft-spoken but wielding a sizable musical stick, Haggerty offers a one-of-a-kind one-man show that he describes as being about "the underside of America." He is also available for instrumental sets - typically acoustic guitar - that draw on his deep mental archives of songs and styles from a wide variety of genres and places.

To book an unforgettable Marc Haggerty performance, send an email to booking@marchaggerty.com or call (317) 409-6767.

Big reunion show on May 9, 2009 packs the house in Bloomington

"When the Chickens Come Home to Roost" featured Bob Lucas, Mark Bingham, Marc Haggerty, Dillon Bustin, Ruthie Allen, Caroline Payton and more.

Poster: When the Chickens Come Home to Roost - Illustration by Margie Van Auken.Counterculture icons from Bloomington's rich folk-rock and blues scene returned to town from all parts of the nation to star in a one-night-only event on May 9, 2009. See nice Indiana Daily Student story about reunion gathering.

This was a historic concert for Bloomington. It's the people of the counterculture, all part of the cultural revolution when it came through Bloomington in the late '60s and early '70s:

  • Bob Lucas.
  • Marc Haggerty.
  • Mark Bingham.
  • Dillon Bustin.
  • Ruthie Allen.
  • Caroline Payton.

Thanks to all who came out and supported this unique event, held at the 600-seat Buskirk Chumley theater in downtown Bloomington, Ind. It was a roaring success!

Solo radio show on Jan. 10, 2009 goes well

Marc played an hourlong live show on the radio on the "Saturday's Child" program on Jan. 10, 2009 on WFHB. This radio program featured Marc playing his original songs. The show may become available (we hope!) as a podcast. Couldn't hurt to call WFHB (812-323-1200) and ask if/when the podcast might become available. ...

Video clip that rocks

Video by Richard Sullivan

"Eventually" - Captured live at the Panic Room in Indianapolis on Dec. 5, 2004.


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