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Biography of Marc Haggerty

Marc Haggerty plays lead guitar, Live at the Gatling Gun Club, Nov. 29, 2008.Marc Haggerty was born in Indianapolis in 1948. He spent his boyhood fishing and hunting and learning to handle small boats and maintain such equipment while camping from Florida to Canada. His father played piano and guitar and sang. Haggerty played harmonica and sang like his grandmother. He took up guitar around the age of 12.

His first working band was the Forsaken Few, started in 1966 with his brother Kevin. They played covers of late-’60s pop and surf guitar around Indianapolis until Marc was drafted into the Marine Corps infantry in late 1967. He learned a bunch of new finger picking while in the hospital recovering from Viet Nam in 1968.

Marc Haggerty with acoustic guitar.Haggerty arrived in Bloomington Indiana in late 1969 to attend Indiana University as a hippie. In the early ’70s, much of his time was spent in jail and in court for civil rights and anti-war protesting. During the later ’70s, he played folk venues, festivals and colleges, performing blues, ballads, fiddle tunes and ragtime on banjo, mandolin and guitar.

In 1974, he became a mechanic on a hippie commune in Mendocino County, California. He traveled as a working-class folk singer to Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, learning and playing as he could. In 1977 he built the first two license branches in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and a cafeteria for a horse cavalry unit way out in the desert.

In the early 1980s, he recorded an album of original songs critical of the right turn of American politics that was well received and had good reviews, including one from The Michael Bourne. In the middle 1980s, Haggerty played with Dillon Bustin's Raincrow Countryside Band, performing music of the Ohio River Valley, and he spent a month in the Monroe County jail in southern Indiana for protesting unfair election laws.

Marc Haggerty, flying trapeze performer.During the 1990s, Haggerty began performing high-flying trapeze with Ringling Bros. and other circuses, touring internationally with his son while continuing to write songs.

In the 2000s, he began playing more electric guitar with bands and increasingly played only original music while continuing to teach and perform circus arts and work in theater. He was performance director at the Indianapolis Erotic Arts Ball and performed at the Indiana Women’s Prison. He was also removed to the Bloomington jail again for trying to stop development at Stoney Springs nature preserve over by Walmart.

In 2006, he helped found the Bloomington Songwriters Showcase, which has been successful in bringing many good songwriters to Bloomington, Indiana. In 2007, Haggerty released the album "tough catch," which explores his new musical landscapes. He is now the lead guitar player for Richard Sullivan Band, an original-rock band from Indianapolis, and he is also playing solo concerts of songs and stories.


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