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Gasoline Angel

By Marc Haggerty

When I was a boy my father asked me to clean the lawn mower as a part of my chores. The lawn mower was in the two car garage which was attached to the house.  Inside the garage, in the back, was a wall that contained the tool room where the lawn mower was kept. It was a bright summer day with plenty of white cumulus clouds overhead. The gravel in the driveway was white too and that made it even brighter.

I walked into the garage and opened the door to the tool room. The green lawn mower was right inside and next to it a can of gas. I took a rag from the bench, poured some gas into it and began going over the lawn mower engine. I kind of enjoyed the smell of gasoline so I sniffed it a little between rubbing the grease and dirt off the mower.

As the minutes went by I became enamoured of the fumes and began to sniff more often. This led to intoxication which began with slight dizziness but soon became one hell of a roller coaster ride down through the endless tool shed with the various implements speeding by and some weird music in the back ground. Up and down I went with great centripetal  force and I noticed some blocks of wood that were carved in the shape of my fathers initials, JH which were painted green. They became black and greasy and I seemed to be able to feel their texture without touching them. This wound down in a couple of minutes.

After this was over I thought, "geez, what an experience. Maybe I will try it again sometime." I finished my chores on the mower and left the toolroom, walked into the garage and looked out on the brightness of the drive and the day. I walked out of the garage and into the drive listening to the cicada. It was a normal day.

Right then someone spoke my name softly; "Marc", spoken casually familiar. I looked around and strangely didn't see anyone. Again my name soft and close. I looked up and on one of those cumulus clouds a mermaid angel sat. Must have been miles big. Pretty and blond with a typical large green scaly fish tail. My jaw dropped from utter amazement and my mouth fell open. As it did this angel shit from this cloud and the white and black oily ugly mass dropped right down my throat past any refusal. It tasted terrible. Since then I have never sniffed gas  and  never been addicted to anything but love.

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